Shocking moment falcon nest is hacked from cliffside in India


This is the shocking moment a falcon nest was hacked from a cliffside in India.

An alleged pochaer identified as his nickname ‘Bita’ was seen destroying the bird’s nest 100ft above the ground in the Indian-administered Kashmir on Tuesday (May 25).

He hanged on the cliff using a rope tied around his waist while he reached out to the bird’s nest where the recently hatched month-old eyases were waiting for their mother.

Soon after the mother falcon was seen flying from a distance which prompted the man to quickly grab the three chicks and throw them to the ground.

The interaction was recorded by Bita’s companion who was giving him instructions from the ground who was heard saying as the adult bird lingered. He says in the video: ‘She won’t do anything. Make sure you grab them swiftly and throw them in the water. They won’t die.’

As soon as the mother falcon screeched, the man panicked before his friend said ‘She’s gone away now, don’t panic come down carefully.’

The duo laughed after seeing the black eyases on the ground which were apparently injured from the impact taken from the fall.

The cruel companion then watched the little birds on the ground and said: ‘Tell me how many you had. You had your share earlier. How many pigeons did you eat? Don’t open your beak or I will draw out your blood.’

The incident was already reported to the local wildlife department but a formal investigation has yet to be done to identify the men.

Falcons use tunnels, cliff edges, and cavities to keep their eggs safe during mating season that lasts from December to April.

These birds are usually found in the Indian subcontinent which lays three to four eggs that has a 60 to 70 per cent success rate. Surviving chicks will then start flying after the seventh week since hatching.