King cobra falls from ceiling of home in Thailand


This is the shocking moment a deadly king cobra fell from the ceiling of a home in southern Thailand.

The 14ft-long reptile was hanging on a roof beam when a resident heard it hissing inside his house next to a farm in Nakhon Si Thammarat province on May 24.

House owner Pana Phromthong, 56, was napping when the animal woke him up and found it slithering in the ceiling of his farm house.

Pana, scared by the size of the venomous snake, ran outside and called the animal rescuers for help in catching the cobra.

He said: ‘I was shocked so I ran outside the house. I feared that the snake would fall into me. It almost reached in front of my bed.’

Rescuers arrived and found the snake still crawling on the roof beam. One of the team members used a pole to pull it down before he bravely grabbed its tail.

The snake resisted but the volunteers were eventually able to take it out of the house. The team took the snake with them to release into the wild later.