Family terrified after finding monitor lizard crawling through home


A family was terrified after waking up to find a monitor lizard crawling through their home in Thailand.

The cheeky reptile intruder was first seen on CCTV entering through the garden before scurrying through different parts of the house in Pathum Thani province on May 27.

The animal appeared to have taken a tour of the house until it was discovered by residents when it entered one of the bedrooms.

It was making a hissing sound and woke up one of the family members sparking panic in the household and sent them hiding into the second floor.

Khwanrat Keasungnoen said she retreated to the staircase but the animal tried to climb up the steps to follow her on the upper floor.

She said: ‘We went to the second floor but I had to stay on the staircase because it was trying to catch up to us. We then called the animal rescuers before it could climb up.’

Reptile handlers arrived and held out a pole with a noose to secure the lizard in the neck. The rescue operation took around 20 minutes.

The superstitious house owner thanked the team and said that he will use his house number in the lottery as animal encounters were considered lucky in Thailand.

He said: ‘In Thailand seeing a monitor lizard is lucky so I will use my house number in the lottery. I hope I win.’

The monitor lizard was taken by the team with them to be released back into the wild later.