Six cars involved in rear-end shunt crash in Thailand


This is the shocking moment six cars had a rear-end shunt accident when the vehicle in front suddenly stopped on a road in Thailand.

The first three vehicles were seen slowing down before the fourth vehicle crashed into them from behind in Ang Thong province on May 24.

It then triggered a domino crash which was recorded on the dashcam footage of a parked vehicle on a nearby repair mechanic shop.

Driver Takoonsak Worarain said there was a person who crossed the road so the vehicle at the front of the queue stopped to wait until he reached the other end.

He said: ‘There was a person walking down the road so the driver of the car in the front stopped to let him pass. However, the cars behind were not able to pull the brakes on time.’

No one was seriously hurt but the collision left the vehicles damaged.