Cat and mouse play like Tom and Jerry inside house


A pet cat and a wild mouse played like Tom and Jerry inside a house in southern Thailand.

The five-month-old moggie named Siri spotted the rodent wandering across the living room of their house in Krabi province, on May 28.

Siri slowly walked to the mouse but it hid under the cabinet out of fear. After waiting a few moments, the impatient cat pulled the mouse out using her front paws and lightly pounced on the smaller creature a few times.

The mouse tried to escape several times but the cat would catch up to it everytime until the moggie grew appeared to have grown bored and let the rodent escape.

Pet owner Sakuna Morasin Srisongkram she was about to sleep when she saw the two animals and stayed for the amusing incident like a scene from the cartoon show Tom and Jerry.

She said: ‘I was about to go to sleep but I saw my cat playing with a mouse like it was in Tom and Jerry so I stayed to record the moment.’

The mouse was able to eventually escape the playful cat unhurt while the cat returned to sleep with her owner.