Bizarre moment giant dinosaur statue was engulfed in flames


This is the moment a giant dinosaur sculpture which was used as a sports stadium mascot caught fire.

The ‘Nong Dino’ mascot was used in Thailand’s 2012 National Games before being displayed in Khon Kaen province as a landmark.

On January 13, officials decided to disassemble the mascot for renovation as it had been damaged over time.

The Khon Kaen Public Works and Town Planning Department also wanted the sculpture to be relocated as it had been blocking portions of the road.

However, as the staff disassemble the dinosaur in its location, the giant sculpture suddenly sparked and burned.

Firefighters were called in the area and distinguished the flames after almost half an hour.

A council officer said they were cutting the metal structure of the dinosaur using a grinder but the fire had spread as it was windy.

He said: ‘We were cutting the metal structure of the dinosaur’s head when a spark flew onto the neck of the dinosaur and together with the wind, the fire spread quickly.’

No one was reported hurt in the incident but the fire caused heavy traffic in the area.

Khon Kaen was known as the ‘Land of Dinosaurs’ after fossils were found during mineral exploration in 1976.

The Phu Wiang Dinosaur Museum was built in 2009 to display these fossils which was the inspiration for creating the mascot.