New airport terminal opens in northern Thailand but it’s deserted because of Covid-19


A new airport terminal has opened today (June 1) in northern Thailand but it’s deserted because of Covid-19.

The building at Khon Kaen Airport is expected to serve at least 2,000 people per hour or around five million per year across a newly-renovated 44,500 sqm parking area.

It is set to hold 1,160 car parking capacity which could help boost tourism in the region when the Covid-19 crisis improves.

Airport director Atthaya Lapmak said that the terminal is part of an eight-year infrastructure plan.

He said: ‘The construction of the new terminal is part of an eight-year strategic infrastructure development of transportation and logistics plan aiming to increase the airport’s capacity to widen more routes at international level and to increase the capability of flight frequency.’

A site tour was attended by officials in the tourism business and transportation department.

Commercial airlines reduced trips to an average of three flights per day in the routes of Khon Kaen to Don Mueang and Khon Kaen to Suvarnabhumi with no regional flights. 

Now due to the partially opened terminal the airport serves at least 20 to 40 domestic flights per day.