Thai soldiers patrol border with Malaysia amid illegal crossings spreading Covid-19


Thai soldiers were patrolling the country’s border with Malaysia today (June 1) amid illegal crossings which risk spreading Covid-19 cases.

Soldiers guard their posts and patrol the rivers along the Thai-Malaysian border after reports of people flooding through remote villages in Tak Bai district.

The border is believed to have been the source of the Indian variant which emerged in Narathiwat province prompting a total lockdown while exits and entrances in nine villages were closed indefinitely.

Major General Pisarn Noosung said all coastal areas and roads along the border will be under close surveillance to prevent smuggling and illgeal crossings.

He said: ‘All coastal roads and roads between Narathiwat and Malaysian Kelantan State have been under close surveillance by our border troops to prevent all illegal activities, especially smuggling and crossing activity.’

Border troops will monitor the districts day and night while ranking commanders granted tokens to troops stationed at the border to boost their morale.

Thailand has recorded 162,022 Covid-19 cases so far with 1,069 deaths as of June 1.