Four Myna birds fight for territory in southern Thailand


This is the moment four Myna birds were seen fighting for their territory under a tree in southern Thailand.

Two feathered creatures swooped in and attacked the other pair while searching for food by a rubbish bin placed under a huge tree in Surat Thani province on March 31.

One of the Mynas was overpowered while being pinned while its partner fought off the other bird around the concrete road.

Worker Tawatpong Bussapapong said he was travelling with family when he saw the interesting scene during a traffic stop.

He said: ‘It was like they were doing a tag team wrestling match. I think they were fighting for the tree or the food around it. It was the first time I have seen such incident.’

Tawatpong added that after the heated fight, the birds who lost flew away like nothing happened while the other pair perched on the tree.

He said: ‘I guess the two finally gave up and asked to tap out and the winners went back to reclaim their tree. It was a memorable experience.’

Mynas generally move in pairs and if there are disputes over territory or food, they usually involved just two birds so the incident was considered rare.