Hospital replaces nurses with robot to take medicine to Covid-19 patients


A hospital replaced nurses with a robot to take medicine to Covid-19 patients in Thailand.

The 5.4ft-tall remote-controlled robot named Bai Mon was equipped with a camera so health workers could control it from a distance in Chumphae Hospital in Khon Kaen province.

Bai Mon, decorated with encouraging messages, had trays to safely carry the medicines before delivering them to patients.

It was designed and invented by high school students at the Metaneedol School and was unveiled at the hospital on May 31.

Nat Nakbunphot Jitto, the student who was part of the team that built the robot, said: ‘My idea came after seeing some hospitals who used robots for medical purposes but they each cost more than five million baht.

‘Me and my friends put effort so we could finish Bai Mon. We were happy to help nurses avoid risks of being infected. It was also practical and only costs around 30,000 baht each.’

A UVC radius tube was attached to its body so it could sterilize along the way within a radius of up to 23ft. It could move using a wheel base which could carry up to 3kg weight.

The robot was powered by a batter with a charging time of around two hours for every six-hour use. It could be connected to Wi-Fi and its wireless connection could go up to 300 meters outdoors.

Metaneedol School director Dr Orathai Santimethaneedol said: ‘Artificial Intelligence is part of the school curriculum where students were assigned to research and invent a robot aiming to provide support to tackling with the virus outbreaks.’

He said: ‘Bai Mon will be very beneficial to our medical operation. It is like a new dimension in the medical field which can enhance convenience and effectiveness among healthcare personnel.’

The robot will be tasked with serving medicines to patients and disinfecting rooms. Chumphae hospital currently cares for 23 Covid-19 patients so director Duangporn Ussavarachan said the robot is a big help.

Thailand reported 3,440 new Covid-19 cases on Wednesday and 38 deaths, bringing the total number of infections found in the country since the start of the pandemic to 165,462 with 1,107 deaths.