Snake terrifies family after slithering into home in Bangkok


A radiated rat snake terrified a family after it slithered into their home in central Thailand.

The 4ft-long snake was first seen slithering on a glass wall until it was able to find an opening and entered through the gaps in Bangkok on May 31.

It wandered inside the house from the living room into the kitchen while the residents watched in fear from a distance.

When the rescuer arrived he lured the snake out of the back of a cabinet before grabbing it by the neck and securing it in a sack.

The family’s neighbour Jirawat Sukanon said: ‘My shop was nearby and I visited the family who were my friends. We saw the snake on the window when I arrived and I stayed to help them take it out.’

The nonvenomous snake was aggressive and attempted to bite the rescuer multiple times while the family members tried different ways to corner it.

One of them stood on a chair to evade it while trying to push it away into a corner using a stick.

No one was hurt in the incident including the snake which was taken by the rescue volunteer with him to release into the wild.

Jirawat added that the family members would use their address as their winning number in the lottery as animal encounters were believed to be bring luck.

He said: ‘I think they were going to win the lottery because of the snake. It left all luck around the house while they were trying to catch it.’