American Airlines Boeing 737 crashes into a lamppost at airpot in Dallas


An American Airlines Boeing 737 with passengers onboard crashed into a lamppost at an airpot in Dallas, Texas.

Flight 1005 heading to the Bahamas was taxing away from the gate when it made a left turn in Dallas Fort Worth airport on May 28.

However as the plane approached the taxiway, the far-end of its left wing struck the steel pole which was seen on CCTV collapsing.

The airline confirmed that no passengers or crew were hurt but as the plane was damaged they had to be transferred to an Airbus A321.

The airbus operated with the same flight number and pushed through but it was at least three hours behind schedule.

An American Airline spokesperson said: ‘We never want to disrupt our customers’ travel plans, and we are sorry for the trouble this caused.’

The damaged plane was towed back to the gate. It was still at the airport awaiting repairs to be finished as it could not travel with a broken wing.

An investigation on the incident is underway.

Just a few days after the incident, another American Airlines flight was forced to return from London’s Heathrow Airport to Dallas Forth Worth just an hour and a half after departure when flight attendants realised there was no running water aboard the Boeing 777-300.