Python dives 20ft from roof into water while hunting dinner in Thailand


A python dived 20ft from a roof into the canal below while hunting its dinner in central Thailand.

The snake was seen slithering across the tin roof of the stilt house while watching fish being fed by a resident in Samut Prakan province on May 29.

As the fish emerged on the surface to feed, the clever snake eyed them up while peering into the depths below. It then plunged from the roof into the water to catch its meal.

Onlooker Rio Nidas who was standing by the banks of the canal next to a Buddhist temple side feeding the fish when the snake dived into the water.

He said: ‘I was confused what the snake was doing there. It appeared to have been sun bathing but then it jumped into the water. What a smart little animal.’

Rio added that the house owner was ready to call the rescuers when the snake was spotted on the roof but since it had disappeared into the canal they let the creature alone.

He said: ‘The man in the house was watching the snake in case it slithered and hid in other parts of the building. He then let it be when the snake jumped into the water.’

The snake disappeared into the depths of the muddy water in search of its next meal.