Truck topples over inches from motorcycle riders in Taiwan


This is the shocking moment a truck toppled over just inches from motorcycle riders in Taiwan.

Vehicles were waiting for the red light when a truck collided with a sedan on the opposite lane and hurled towards the riders in Rongde Road, Taichung City on May 31.

One of the riders on the far edge was almost clipped by the truck but he immediately showed his quick reflexes and jumped off the two-wheeler where the delivery vehicle crashed instead.

No one was seriously hurt but the truck and sedan drivers had some bruises and scratches sustained from the impact of the collision.

Driver Yang Jiehan, who was at the back of the riders when the incident happened, said: ‘It was so scary. I rider would have been in a terrible condition if it wasn’t because of his amazing reflexes.’

The two drivers were rushed to the hospital by emergency respondents for treatment but they are now in a stable condition.

The police are still investigating the case and will interview the drivers once they are discharged from the hospital.