Bungling driver gets stuck in narrow car park lane

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/itspfvxs605yin8/VRP36979.mp4?dl=0

A bungling car driver was left red-faced after getting stuck in a narrow staircase he mistook for a way down.

The female driver was lost in the multi-storey car park of an office building when she mistakenly drove down the stairway in Bangkok, Thailand, on May 30.

She was stuck inside the car before building staff found her and helped remove the vehicle off the narrow space by attaching a cable wire on its boot and pulling it with a tow truck.

The vehicle was taken out in almost an hour. The driver was unhurt but her car had some dents and scratches from the impact.

The driver, who refused to be identified, said: ‘I was leaving the parking area to head home. While I was driving down I misjudged the path and made a sharp turn.

‘I did not notice the green light saying indicating that it was a staircase so I drove straight into it and almost fell. I then slammed the breaks to prevent falling.

‘Once my vehicle was stuck in the stairway corridor I was so confused and could not steer my car backwards or forward. I then called the security officers for help.’

The security officers arrived with a tow truck and attached an iron sling at the back of the car before pulling it out.

A security officer said: ‘The driver is a tutor and she was not ye accustomed to the way. Her car had some damage but she was fine.’

The woman thanked the staff who helped her and headed home.