Truck jumps red light and hits another vehicle before crashing into shop


A truck smashed into a shop after it ran a red light and collided with a vehicle on a road in northeastern Thailand.

The 10-wheeler was speeding on a motorway when it hit a pickup that was about to make a u-turn in Buriram province on June 1.

Due to the impact, the pickup was flung across the road while the truck driver lost control and headed to a nearby shop where it slammed.

No one was inside the shop when the collision happened but the two drivers were seriously injured and were trapped inside their vehicles before they were rescued.

A nearby shop employee who was sleeping inside the store Chawaroj Satnok, 24, said: I was sleeping on the floor when I head a loud bang from the road. I ran out and saw the truck crashed onto one of the shops.’

The pickup driver Juntra Pooksuk, 49, was reportedly heading home after shopping for goods to sell while the 10-wheeler’s driver identified as 10-wheel truck is Pakorn Saramoo, 32, was travelling for a delivery.

Both drivers were taken out of their wrecked vehicles using cutting tools before they were rushed to the hospital for treatment and are now in stable condition.

Police Captain Chaloemchai Nenthoranee said they will look at the evidences including the street CCTV to help with the investigation.

He said: ‘In one of the videos we saw the 10-wheeler running the red light while the pickup made a turn. We are still investigating the case.’

Investigations on the incident are still ongoing.