Mystery water hyacinth bloom covers river in Thailand


Thick clumps of water hyacinths blocked the flow of a river in Thailand preventing villagers from fishing and travelling by boat.

The lilies have started to grow in early December but have spread rapidly during January’s cold spell in Saraburi province.

Preecha Janpradit, 65, who lives in the area, said the mysterious bloom was larger than in any of the pervious years. He said the plants prevent them from fishing and they can’t earn an income

He said: ‘People cannot fish or travel by boat because there are so many of the water hyacinths.

‘For example, we used to have an easier route through the river but we are forced to travel on land just to reach a temple.’

The lilies have grown across a two-kilometre stretch of the the river, which is around 80 metres wide.

Aside from blocking the river, the plants have also blocked the water pumping stations.

Special equipment is needed to remove all of the plants as there are too many.

The villagers have asked the Marine Department to help them acquire the equipment.