Bus drives through deep flood like boat during tropical storm Choi-wan in the Philippines

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t5wxn76m01e21dl/VRP37399.mp4?dl=0

A passenger bus had to drive through a flooded road like a boat to cross a submerged highway during tropical storm Choi-wan in the Philippines.

The driver slowly drove through the muddy water as they went deeper into the deluge like a boat in Laoy, Bohol province on June 1.

Commuter Saiful Gamit said: ‘This happens to us every year. I don’t know when it will change but I hope we could find a solution soon.’

Storm Choi-wan, locally called Dante, made is set to make its ninth landfall tonight (June 3) in the northern Luzon region after trailing across southern Tagalog provinces and leaving three people dead as well as 15 million worth of damage in agriculture.