Injured bird nestles in woman’s hair bun in Singapore


This is the amusing moment an injured bird nestled in a woman’s hair bun in Singaopore.

Zana was walking to the bus stop when she spotted the yellow parrot hopping on the side of a road in Bedok North Avenue on May 12.

The youngster noticed the bird was hurt so she went to have a closer look but she was shocked when the feathered creature flew and landed on her hair.

The parrot would not leave the woman’s bun so she asked passers-by to help her pull it out before taking it home care for until its injuries healed.

The woman said: ‘Actually, I didn’t know it landed on my head because it was very light and my bun was very heavy.

‘So I stood up and looked up to see where it was before realizing that it could be on my head. That was when I took my camera and changed to selfie mode and got shocked.’

The kind commuter added that she took the bird to the vet for a health examination and four days later a woman contacted her claiming that she was the owner of the parrot.

She said: ‘I took him to the vet that night and I also posted on some forums to find the owner. Four days later there was a lady who messaged me and confirmed that she was the owner of the bird.’

‘I called her and confirmed that it was hers, and helped her get her parrot back! Its name was Xiao Huang.’ The bird has reunited with the owner. I was told by the owner that it is still a young bird.’