Baby rescued in basin during typhoon floods in the Philippines


This is the heartwarming moment a baby was rescued in a basin during storm floods in the Philippines.

The infant’s family was trapped inside their home when the water suddenly rose to 5ft-high in Romblon province on June 2 morning during tropical storm Choi-wan.

Kind neighbours rushed to the house where an old woman and her granddaughter were waiting for rescuers to arrive.

Footage shows the men along a rope lifeline guiding a toddler sitting on a basin to float in the water and reach higher grounds.

Grateful grandmother Charity Lee Formento: ‘I am very thankful because I have good neighbours who were willing to help us.’

The boy and his grandmother stayed at a neighbour’s house which was higher until the water receded.

Storm Choi-wan, locally called Dante, left at least nine dead and one missing after lashing out across regions in the Luzon island. It exited the country on Saturday (June 5) before dissipating into a tropical depression.

The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council said the storm caused over 86 million pesos in damage to agriculture and 53.7 million pesos to infrastructure.