Boy, 5, rescued after getting stuck inside washing machine in Thailand


A five-year-old boy was rescued after getting stuck inside a washing machine in southern Thailand.

The youngster Nong Lipimas was playing hide-and-seek with his sister and climbed down the appliance at the back of their house in Krabi province on May 31.

He was hiding in the drum when one of his legs was caught in a narrow gap at the bottom of the machine before he cried out to his mother for help.

His mother called the emergency services for help as they had difficulty pulling him out of the appliance and did not want to hurt the boy.

The frantic mother said: ‘He was playing with her younger sibling behind our house but I heard him shouting for help. My boy was so brave he did not even cry.’

After ten minutes the rescue volunteers were able to slowly pull his leg out and he was freed from the machine without any injuries. The boy was calm all throughout the operation.

The boy then thanked the rescuers. He said: ‘I went inside the machine and kneeled down to hide. I was not hurt but I am happy that I was out of it now.’