Terrified women finds five snakes hiding inside her air conditioning unit

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/izgeysg6b5bdk4l/VRP37540.mp4?dl=0

A terrified woman found five snakes hiding inside her house in Thailand.

The housewife heard strange hissing sounds and found the reptile inside the airconditioning unit of her bedroom in Kalasin province on May 27.

Rescue volunteers arrived to catch the 4ft-long green snake after 20 minutes and took it with them to release into the wild.

However, the woman heard the sounds again in the evening and found that there were four more snakes hiding inside the machine.

She said: ‘I saw a snake in the morning when I followed the hissing sound. It led me to the airconditioning unit.

‘I was shocked when I found out there more snakes inside. I think they were a family that thought making a nest inside the cool machine would be good.’

The woman called the ream once again who contacted a nearby aircon repair shop to remove some of the appliance’s parts out so they could lure the snakes out.

All four snakes were eventually captured and placed inside a bag to be released back into the forest.