Kind passerby saves stray puppy trapped underground in Vietnam

This is the moment a kind passerby saved a stray puppy trapped under the ground in Vietnam.

Nguyen Thank Mong and his father heard the pooch crying while they were on their way to their farm in Vi Thanh City, Vietnam on May 28. The two stopped and searched for the source of the sound until they determined it came from a collapsed portion of the ground on the field.

Footage shows Nguyen’s father digging through the dirt until the poor puppy was visible. The brown puppy was trembling as it was retrieved from the ground.

Nguyen said: ‘It rained heavily here last week so the puppy probably got lost. My father told me the pup was likely stuck there for a few days because his snout was so dry and his sight seemed to be impaired. Luckily, he’s okay now together with our other pet dogs.’