Huge python found coiled up outside coffee shop in Thailand


A 10ft-long python sparked panic after it was spotted coiled up in front of a coffee shop in Thailand.

Nangdang Jeawgog, 63, was about to open his shop when he stumbled on the huge snake in Krabi province on January 12.

The shopkeeper said he felt his leg brush into something wet and slippery but thought it was just a plant blocking the pavement.

However, he jumped with fear when he looked down and noticed the creature starting to move.

Nangdang said: ‘I saw something coiled up in the shape of number eight and realised it was a python. I jumped back and had to calm myself down because I was so shaken.’

The cafe owner called the animal rescuers for help who arrived with a long pole to catch the snake.

The python stayed calm despite several onlookers crowding round it so the rescuers were able to catch it within ten minutes. They held out the pole on its neck before securing its head with the noose attached at the end.

The snake was taken to the truck to release into the wild after the cafe owner thanked the rescue team.