Kitten rescued after getting stuck in car engine


A kitten was rescued after getting stuck inside a car engine in Thailand.

The moggie was about to cross to a busy motorway so a kind driver stopped to let it pass in Chonburi province on June 2.

However, the scared little animal jumped into the car’s wheel to hide and crawled inside the warm engine out of fear instead of crossing so the driver called the rescuers for help.

Driver Kanchana Aienleng, 29, said: ‘I was on my way home after work when I noticed vehicles stopping in front. Turns out they were letting the kitten pass but it ran onto my wheel to hide instead.’

She parked her car on the road side before a kind onlooker Panuphong Phona, 24, approached to help her lure the cat out.

They used a flash light and tried to calm the kitten before it was lured out of the engine after 20 minutes.

Panuphong said: ‘I was heading to a beach when I saw the car driver appearing to have some problem. I went to have a look and found out about the cat so I stayed and helped out.’

The kind man also took the kitten home with him to adopt.