14ft long cobra tries to escape snake catchers after being found in family’s living room

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sl05u2mu1tae549/VRP37991.mp4?dl=0

A 14ft long cobra tried to escape snake catchers after being found inside a family’s living room in southern Thailand.

The deadly snake slithered into the two-story house built next to a canal before it was found searching for food in a balcony in Songkhla province on June 3.

The terrified house owner called the rescue team who have cornered it in a bedroom on the second floor but due to its size the snake escaped.

After half an hour they were able to corner it again inside a room before four rescuers helped pin it down and carry it to the front yard.

House owner Jongkolnee Macelligosh, 54, said: ‘I was so scared because of its size. I think it wanted to eat my cat which was resting on the second floor that’s why we found the snake on the balcony.’

Jongkolnee thanked the team who evacuated the snake from their property. No one was hurt including the snake who was taken by the rescuers with them to release into the wild.