Two wild monitor lizards wrestle in ritual combat for mating rights


Two wild monitor lizards wrestled in a ritual combat for mating rights over a female in Thailand.

The two reptiles were part of a group that gathered on a beach forest in Koh Hong, Krabi province on May 28 to mate and search for food.

While the others were busy sniffing the forest floor for edibles, the two were caught in a fight and locked each other on a hug to win a female’s approval.

The reptiles spent around ten minutes on the tight hug before releasing each other uninjured.

Than Bok Khorani National Park officer Jumphen Phompakdee said: ‘Wild monitor lizards are known as native animals on Koh Hong island but this was a rare sight in this area.

‘Tourists were amazed with their size and sometimes they could be seen swimming in the water with tourists.

‘Because of their friendliness, our visitors sometimes take selfies with them for food. They will not become aggressive unless they were harmed.’

Koh Hong island used to be a tourist destination but it was closed due to Covid-19 restrictions. The province is still not accepting tourists until the coronavirus situation eases.