Brit, 20, found dead after fall from hotel in Pattaya, Thailand


A British tourist was found dead yesterday (June 7) after falling from a hotel in Thailand.

Callum Lewis, 20, had been staying at the So Boutique Hotel in the notorious city of Pattaya before his lifeless body was discovered sprawled on the ground in the afternoon.

He is said to have plunged from a fire escape on the side of the eight-storey hotel before a passing resident heard a loud crash hit the ground and saw the Brit in a pool of blood.

The emergency services arrived at the scene but were unable to revive Callum. He was pronounced dead a short time later in hospital.

Police said that Callum, who had arrived in Thailand as a tourist during the pandemic, was wearing nothing but a pair of black Adidas shorts.

Police Captain Nattapol Saengsee said: ‘The British man was staying on the fifth floor of the hotel. We are now monitoring all CCTV cameras installed at the hotel and gathering necessary evidence to find the cause of his death and to see which floor he fell from.’

Officers said that Callum’s neck was broken and there was blood around his head and stomach. His right leg was. also broken from the impact.

Police Captain Nattapol Saengsee added: ‘All relevant evidence was collected by investigators and the body was sent to the Institute of Forensic Medicine of Police General Hospital for an autopsy.’

The British Embassy in Bangkok has been informed of the death.