Israeli architect student uses colourful lego bricks to brighten up wall damaged by rockets


An Israeli architecture student has used colourful Lego bricks to spruce up a wall that was damaged during last month’s rocket attacks.

Raz Sror, 24, is an architecture student at Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art based in the satellite town of Ramat Gan in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv.

Satellite towns, also known as satellite cities, are small municipalities located in the adjacent regions of a city.

The area was affected by rocket fire last month that Hamas took credit for. The act has been widely criticised and was considered an act of terrorism by members of the international community.

Raz said he came up with the unique solution because he wanted to ‘contribute to his country’ but did not get the call to enter into active duty in the military despite being in the reserves.

He said: ‘I thought about how I could contribute to my country as a citizen and also, I got an assignment [from university] about the law of ‘imperfection of the whole’ so I connected my contribution with my project.’

The 24-year-old architecture student said it took him two full days to cover the wall with Lego, doing most of the glueing on the first day and placing fallen pieces back on the second day.

Raz said: ‘During the work, a lot of people passed by and strengthened my resolve, everyone told me how they went through the trauma.

‘I had a huge sense of satisfaction and did not want to get money and/or publicity, just a smile from people during their day.’

He said he chose that particular wall to fix because it was located in a central junction of Ramat Gan ‘where a rocket fell and all the shrapnel from the strike hit a lot of the buildings in the area’.

He added: ‘It became this stressful, scary place where people remembered the traumatic moments they were going through during the conflict between Israel and Gaza.’

Raz said that instead of people seeing a ‘place where terror hit Israel’ he hopes to brighten up their day. He named his project ‘From Terrorism to Art’.

Raz reportedly left a note on the wall with his contact information in case the building’s owner wanted to contact him and make the ‘repair’ permanent.