Firefighter rescues crow with a face mask wrapped around its neck


This is the moment a firefighter rescues a crow with the elastic band of a face mask wrapped around its neck from apparently choking to death.

The incident was filmed in the centre of Bitlis, a city in the Turkish province of the same name, on 31st May.

Local residents who spotted the crow with the face mask band around its neck and apparently struggling in a tree immediately informed the fire brigade.

A firefighter was raised to the crow’s position in the tree by an aerial ladder to remove the face mask from around its neck.

In the footage, the fireman is seen carefully removing the elastic band before walking on top of the fire engine with the bird still in his hand.

A spokesperson for the Bitlis Municipality Fire Brigade said: ‘When we arrived on the scene, we found that the elastic band of a face mask was wrapped around the crow’s neck and it was about to choke to death.

‘One of our firefighters was lifted to the tree to save the crow. He cut the mask and checked if the crow was still alive. He then released the bird back into the wild.’

The fire brigade spokesperson added that local residents gathered in the area to watch the rescue and that they thanked firefighters for their efforts.