Swiss rescue services save paraglider stuck on power line


This is the moment Swiss rescue services save a paraglider who landed on a high-voltage transmission line.

Air Zermatt AG crew members rescued the paraglider who managed to find himself in the dangerous situation after getting stuck in a power line in Switzerland on June 6.

Air Zermatt is the first rescue company in Switzerland that employs permanent doctors and anesthesia nurses who accompany the helicopter crews on their rescue missions, and it was founded in 1968.

The rescue company said that is also an airline and flight school based in the municipality of Zermatt in Switzerland currently employs approximately 65 people.

The challenging rescue mission over the weekend involved two crew members hanging from a helicopter on a wire that managed to untangle the man stuck in the power line in a very short period of time.

After the rescue team caught the man hanging from the high-voltage line they also managed to detach him from his parachute.

In addition, the power line was switched off to avoid additional risks during the rescue, whilst the team used a 150-metre-long wire (459 ft) so that the paraglider did not get affected by the downdraught from the machine.

The involved Air Zermatt crew members managed to pull off the difficult rescue operation without any further mishaps. The paraglider did not provide any explanation about how he landed on the power line.