Wild monitor lizard caught rampaging through shop

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oyw54yd6f17tlre/VRP38333.mp4?dl=0

A wild monitor lizard was caught rampaging through a shop in Thailand.

The reptile crawled inside the farm supplies shop before terrified store staff fled from the building in Ang Thong province on May 28.

The 5ft-long lizard appeared to have been attracted by the smell of the animal feeds and went ‘shopping’ across the shelves looking for edibles before the staff called the rescue team.

Footage shows the volunteers struggling to pull the animal out of the shop as it refused to be taken out by wriggling its body.

Female reptile catcher Ratha Tapienthong said: ‘It was aggressive. I thought it was going to attack us. I think it was hungry and desperately want a taste of the feeds.’

The team used a pole with snare to secure the animal’s neck and dragged it outside. It was then taken with them to release into the wild.

The shop owner Suchart Inthachote, 33, said: ‘We were selling our goods as usual when the reptile crawled into our shop. It was so fast. When the traffic lights turned red and the vehicles stopped it came rampaging towards us.’

Asian water monitor lizards live in canals and ponds in large cities in Thailand where they feed on fish, snakes, frogs and scraps of food left by humans. They are aggressive when threatened and have a mildly venomous bite which sometimes carries harmful bacteria.