Boy, 5, accidentally crashes his mother’s scooter into shop in Thailand


This is the shocking moment a boy accidentally crashed his mother’s scooter into a shop in Thailand.

The five-year-old lad was standing in the footwell of his mother’s moped while they waited for their order of deep-fried doughnuts at the store in Chonburi province on May 26.

CCTV footage shows how the little boy accidentally pulled on his mother’s scooter handlebars which accelerated the vehicle and sent it surging forward into the shop’s table. It then knocked over a portable stove filled with boiling oil.

The pair suffered minor burn injuries after being splashed with the hot oil. The shopkeeper immediately called the emergency rescuers who gave first aid treatments before rushing them to the hospital.

Shop owner Karnthita Aiemarkard said: ‘We had just opened and were still cooking the bread when the mother and her son arrived to buy doughnuts.

‘The boy was pointing at something and appeared to want to buy a snack. He then touched the handle bars and they slammed onto my shop.

‘The woman and her son were injured with oil. We used cold water to cool off her son’s body and then called the medical team for help.’

The woman and the boy were discharged from hospital after they were treated for minor burns. The mother also paid for the damage to the shop.