Injured squirrel revived with CPR after suffering electric shock


An injured squirrel was revived with CPR after it suffered an electric shock in Thailand.

The hapless rodent climbed onto a pole and crossed a power line with exposed cables before it was electrocuted in Mueang District, Saraburi province on June 6.

The animal fell onto the ground where there were children playing. It was thought to have been dead until two kind rescuers approached from a nearby noodle house and saved the squirrel.

Footage shows one of the rescuers using his fingers to put pressure on the squirrel’s chest before his colleague blew air onto the animal’s mouth.

The heroic volunteers Sittichai Rakpraiboon, 41, and Chaiwiwat Thongmoon, 50, were officers from Sawang Saraburi rescue team and were eating noodles at a nearby shop when the incident happened.

Sittichai said: ‘We were having some lunch when we saw the children gathering around the animal. We took a look and found it had fallen from the 16ft-high pole.

‘We tried to help the poor animal because we had some CPR knowledge from work. We were relieved when the animal became responsive.’

After a few minutes, the squirrel regained consciousness but it was still weak to move. It rested for about 15 minutes before the rescuers took it to a park where it was released.