Police arrested diver who ‘crashed into motorcycle and cars before fleeing’

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bnov20t04jfhy3j/VRP38468.mp4?dl=0

This is the bizarre moment police arrested a driver who allegedly hit several cars before trying to flee the scene in Thailand.

The foreigner allegedly crashed into vehicles while driving on a road before trying to escape in Chonburi province on June 5.

Angry motorists pursued the man who walked from his vehicle before he was cornered in a nearby alley.

He was found by officers with a bloodied face and was taken by the police to the hospital for treatment before facing his charges.

Police Lieutenant Kamolporn Nadee from Bang La Mung Provincial Police Station said: ‘He did not want to stop and be taken. We had help from officers of other police stations just to corner him.’

An onlooker who was a restaurant owner near the crash scene said: ‘I heard the dragging sound and went out to see. I saw a group of riders chasing the Chevrolet car which was dragging a motorcycle along the road.

‘The driver went out of the car and ran into an alley as he was being chased by locals. He was then mobbed by angry men.’

The motorcycle rider Rungthiwa Dang, 28, whose two-wheeler was wrecked, said: ‘I was with my daughter then. We had just parked the motorcycle when the man came crashing onto it.’

Pickup truck driver Prempree Audnoon, 34, who was also hit said: ‘I am on my way to work. When I reached the railway, I have no idea where the car came from before I was hit at the back.’

Investigations on the incident are still ongoing and police refused to release the name of nationality of the arrested driver.