Four-year-old boy genius can name EVERY flag from memory


A four-year-old boy genius can name every country’s flag – recognising. them from memory.

Footage shows Rain Leonheart Angeles wearing pyjamas in bed with his father as they play the geography game in Tarlac City on January 12.

In the seven-minute-long video, Father, Cis, flashes cards with pictures of flags before the boy says which country it belongs to.

Cis said: ‘Even we’re confused by some of the flags. Certain countries have flags that look so much alike. We are lucky to have a genius son like him.’

Proud mother Charline Joy recorded the father and son until the boy reached the last card without making a mistake.

The boy jumped in happiness while his parents clapped after he perfectly named all the countries.

Charline said they noticed the boy’s fascination with flags when he was two-years-old.

She said: ‘When he saw pictures of flags, he kept asking about them so we bought him charts to look at.

‘We were amazed when he memorised all of them without us coaching him. He’s such a precious boy.’

Charline added that their son has now started to read about planets, stars, and the solar system. He is starting to learn all of those by name, too.