Kitten stuck under car bonnet rescued in Thailand

This is the moment a kitten stuck under a car bonnet was rescued in Thailand.

The concerned driver said he heard the cat crying while he was driving down a road in Chiang Mai on June 8.

He said: ‘The sound became louder and louder, so I decided to stop my car at a coffee shop where I normally visit in order to find where the sound is coming from.’

‘When I lifted the car hood, I found the kitten stuck in a gap around the car engine.’

Footage shows the poor kitten mewling while the driver gently tugged it free.

He said: ‘I softly pulled it out and used a wet cloth to clean its body and feed it with water. The kitten was terrified since its eyes looked sad.’

He added: ‘I spoke to my wife that the moggie may want to stay with us. We had better take care of it.’