Cheeky cockatoo steals a man’s caramel slice in Australia


A cheeky cockatoo bird stole a man’s caramel bread slice while he was sitting outside a cafe in Australia.

The white-feathered creature appeared to have asked the customers for scraps of their dessert when it flew in to their table in Lorne, Victoria on June 6.

While pecking on the sweet crumbs, the bird then eyed a paper bag containing a fresh slice before jumping near it and pulled it away.

The man and his friend tried to take the bag from the bird but the swift creature had already flown before they could retrieve the snack.

The customer Joe Fowler said: ‘I just bought a caramel slice – was looking forward to it too. This cheeky bugger thought it would pull some tricks.

‘There is no choice but to just leave my desert to him. I hope he’s satisfied. It was delicious.’

Cockatoos generally make exceptional companion birds if their needs and requirements are adequately met. They are affectionate, funny, comical, mischievous and generally easy to get along with according to research.