Woman has miracle escape from two out-of-control cars that crashed on road

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8br34fneonikmgd/VRP39188.mp4?dl=0

A woman had a miracle escape from two out-of-control cars which crashed on a road in southern Thailand.

The shopper was looking left and right while crossing the dual carriageway before seeing the out-of-control vehicles – which were allegedly racing – careering towards the traffic island in Phatthalung province on June 8.

The quick-thinking pedestrian evaded the car by running back to the other side of the road before the vehicle crashed on the traffic signage and a tree.

Drivers of the two cars that crashed were rushed to the hospital and are now in stable condition while the woman escaped unscathed.

Police investigator Sarit Butnongsaeng said: ‘Officers are gathering evidence including the street CCTV that captured what happened. Our primary investigation showed that one of the cars appeared to race with another vehicle and caused a collision.’

The officer said an Isuzu D-Max pickup truck was ‘modified to be used as a racing car’ before it clipped a Honda Jazz and another car along the road.

Paramedics took the drivers to Thalang Hospital for treatment. They will be questioned by the police after they were discharged.

The wrecked vehicles were also removed from the area after the police were finished gathering evidence to ease the traffic congestion.