Chicken makes bizarre LAUGHING sound while crowing


A pet chicken has amazed locals by making a bizarre laughing sound while crowing.

The hen is seen in the video standing on a fence facing a park when it let out a menacing laugh to men playing a game of Southeast Asian sport Sepak takraw in Nakhon Si Thammarat province, Thailand, on June 8.

Amused players went to the laughing chicken and waited for it to crow again until it repeated the strange sound it made.

The chicken’s owner Bang Kaek was among the men playing the sport game when the hybrid chicken let out the laughing sounds.

Bang said: ‘My friends pointed out how my chicken sounded like a man laughing. I never thought about that until they told me.

‘I bought this check for 1,000 baht. After it laughed someone tried buying it from for 1,500 baht. It was hilarious. Of course I refused the offer.’