Kittens stuck in house wall rescued in Thailand


Two hapless kittens found stuck inside the wall of a house were rescued in Thailand.

The moggies were heard crying by a resident but could not find them so she called the animal rescuers for help three days later in Rayong province on June 4.

As the cats cried, the team followed the sound which led them to a drain next to the woman’s home. They then began trying to remove the concrete cover to see if they were stuck underneath.

However as the operation continued they noticed that the cats were actually behind the wall of the house that was connected to the drain through a hole so tey pulled the planks from the house instead.

The house owner said: ‘I thought the crying kittens were from a litter that was given birth near our house. The sounds worried me when they continued for three days so I thought of asking for help.’

After almost an hour, the two one-month-old kittens were freed. They were uninjured although the animals were apparently starving and dehydrated.

The kittens were given some milk and were adopted by the woman. She named them Thung Ngern and Thung Thong which means ‘bag of money’ and ‘bag of gold.’

The woman thanked the rescue team for their help and took the cats with her inside her house.