Thai officials stick model planes on top of solar-powered lamp posts


Residents were baffled after Thai officials stuck model lanes on top of solar-powered lamp posts.

A row of 300 26ft-tall lamp posts were decorated with model planes across Nong Prue Subdistrict Administrative Organization Office and main roads at Bang Phli district in Samut Prakan province.

The 60-watt lamp posts with stainless steel planes could store solar energy to light up the roads without using electricity during the night.

The eco-friendly lamps were then attached with expensive toy planes that reportedly cost up to 106,800 baht each which casted doubt on the project’s budget transparency.

Provincial government official Udom Klinpuang said: ‘All procurements and employment have been made systematically to ensure most transparency, especially in terms of pricing.

‘We followed strict regulations. An auction was held to choose the best deal. We have documents to show materials and expenses. Each lamp post only cost around 92,000 baht.

‘There are other costs including adjusting landscape, spraying anti-skid colours on parking space, tree and field light decorations added as miscellaneous expenses for the project.’

As the community was surrounded by giant trees, the lamps were built taller with a spacing of 20ft distance apart.