Squirrel drinks water from public tap after discovering how to use censor

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x8j9z4owq2ojm7r/VRP39628.mp4?dl=0

This is the moment a clever squirrel enjoyed a hearty drink on a public sink after apparently working out how to set off the sensor tap.

The incident was filmed next to a river in the city of Kunming in the southern Chinese province of Yunnan on 5th June.

Footage shows how the cute squirrel gulped water from the public sink after apparently working out how to activate the sensor tap.

At one point, the cheeky rodent stopped to look at the excited cameraperson before returning to its drink, apparently unfazed by the sudden attention of onlookers.

The squirrel inadvertently turned off the tap and could work out why the water had stopped.

However, the rodent then lowered its front legs from the tap and sets off the sensor again, allowing it to take another big swig as the camerawoman laughs.

The filmer said: ‘The video was filmed at Kunming Cuihu Park on June 5th during an organised trip there. We saw this little squirrel drinking water by chance, and hurried over to film it. At that time, the squirrel used its paws to touch the sensor area, and when the water came out, it drank. It felt like a child was playing.

‘Later, more and more people took pictures without disturbing it. It just raised its head, took a look and continued to drink water. It ran away when it was full, it was so cute.’