Monkey steals drinks from store as scared worker runs away


This is the moment a large monkey walks into a minimarket and steals a drink after the female worker ran outside in fear.

The large monkey was seen on CCTV eyeing up the store from outside as the female worker is looked at her phone in the city of Guiyang in Guizhou province, China.

The animal sauntered into the minimarket and the woman took a moment to notice its presence before screaming and informing people outside the shop.

She ran outside while the monkey is out of view, and joined a small group of people watching and filming from outside the store.

Another clip shows the monkey looking at canned drinks on a display shelf before moving away when the female worker runs out of the shop.

The monkey then returned to grab a can from an upper shelf and then left the store.

In the third video, the animal is seen climbing a tree before inspecting the stolen canned drink from the safety of greenery above the street.

The local authorities said the monkey may not have necessarily come from a nearby animal park as mountain monkeys are known to enter urban areas in search of food.

The loss of habitat locally is forcing many wild animals to enter city areas to try and find food causing conflict with the people living there.

But the officials are also investigating whether it was being kept illegally by somebody in the city and may have escaped, or been set free when it got too large, and was no longer a cute