Loose wheel from cement truck crashes into car

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tiws63v4nmhie1e/VRP39868.mp4?dl=0

This is the shocking moment a loose wheel from a cement truck crashed into a car in Thailand.

The 12-wheeler concrete mixer was travelling to a construction site when one of its back wheels detached in Suphan Buri province on June 13.

The tire then flew into a nearby sedan that was waiting for traffic at a junction before the startled truck driver slammed the brakes to pull over on the side.

The sedan driver was unscathed but his wife was wounded from pieces of glass that shattered when the wheel smashed the car door.

Rescue officer Winyu Sattabutr said: ‘Some of the nuts in the wheel were broken which caused it to detach from the vehicle.

‘We have taken the car driver’s wife to the hospital to receive treatment for her arm wounds but both drivers were fine.’

The sedan driver Anuwat Saengthong, 36, added: ‘I was waiting for traffic to make a turn. As I was about to move the wheel suddenly hit my car. Everything happened so fast.’

Cement truck driver Damrongdech Kettem, 47, said: ‘I was driving my cement truck from a factory in Saraburi and delivering it to customers in the area of U-Thong district.

‘When I looked at the left-sided mirror I saw the wheel came lose and hit the car. I immediately parked the truck on the roadside and walked to the car before calling for help.

The truck driver promised to pay for the damage, medical costs and give compensation to the car driver and his wife.