Thai farmer builds bizarre tractor shaped like a tank


A Thai farmer built a bizarre tractor shaped like a battle tank.

The innovative car fanatic Chaicharn Thaithae thought of creating a vehicle that could help with military operations in his hometown in Lopburi province.

However, as he did not know how he could talk to officers about his innovation he decided to tweak the vehicle into a piece of unique farm equipment to help him with work.

Footage shows the unusual red tractor driving around a field to prepare the land for planting crops instead of sweeping mines on June 9.

Chaicharn said: ‘I have always wanted to build a military vehicle but I thought this would be more helpful for me in my farm. I initially intended for it to possibly help sweep mines.

‘As I did not have much connection with Thai military officials, I then turned it into a farming tractor for agricultural purposes and installed a rotary farming machine on its back.’

All parts of the tractor including its tires were made of lightweight carbon steel enabling it to pass through all kinds of road surfaces. 

The tractor was also able to perform outdoor farming even during extremely hot days as it was equipped with an air ventilator.

In terms of interior, the driver have 360-degree view of directions through three camera monitors. It wasw manually controlled with three pedals including a brake, an accelerator and a clutch as well as a vertical gearbox.

It is driven by powerful Japanese Isuzu’s engine with hydraulic pumps. 

Proud of his invention, Chaicharn added: ‘I am glad most people are interested in my vehicle. I think I will share my knowledge with others who want to do farming in the future for the agricultural development of my community.’