Pony rescued after getting stuck in field for three days

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2y591h89fhr5ub1/VRP40255.mp4?dl=0

An injured pony was rescued after it was stuck in a field for three days.

The eight-year-old stallion named Gomen was found collapsed on the dirt and extremely dehydrated in Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand on June 15.

He was found by a cassava farmer who went to the field to spray insecticides on her crops. She then called the animal rescuers for help as the pony could not stand up on its own.

When the rescuers arrived the volunteers placed water in a bucket which was helped to the grey horse’s mouth so it could drink.

Farmer Boonma Srakratok, 43, said: ‘My husband and I went to found the animal. We did not know where the horse came and we were worried that it could die so we called for help.’

The rescuers checked the animal’s health which had been starving for days as it could not lift itself up as its front limbs were injured. Some scratches were also found all over the animal’s body.

He was given some vitamins and painkillers through intravenous fluid administering as well as fresh grass to regain its strength before it was transported to a veterinary clinic.

The pony will stay at the clinic until it recovered while its owner, identified as a palm plantation owner near the field where it was found was informed of the incident.