Driver survives horror pickup truck crash thanks to seatbelt


This is the shocking moment a driver survived a horror pickup crash thanks to his seatbelt.

The pickup truck was travelling along a highway after heavy rain when the vehicle skidded on the wet surface and spun out of control in Chanthaburi province on June 14.

CCTV footage shows the white vehicle crashing into a roadside ditch with muddy potholes before flipping over while the driver was inside.

The driver Prasit Sriprasom, 48, was still conscious after the crash and managed to call his relatives who rushed to take him to the hospital to treat his minor injuries.

Speaking at the hospital Prasit said: ‘The road was slippery that day because of the storm. Everything happened so fast. I called my family for help immediately before I could pass out. My seatbelt saved my life. I would have been killed if I didn’t wear it.’

Nearby car repair shop Lamiet Changkaew said: ‘There was a storm that day and the road was wet. We were relieved he was not hurt seriously and the vehicle did not ram our shop while we were inside.’

Aside from the driver, no one else was hurt from the incident while the wrecked vehicle was assessed by the insurance company for damage and compensation.