Monitor lizard tries to escape from dog and gets stuck in water pipe


A monitor lizard tried to escape from a dog but ended up stuck in a canal.

The 7ft-long reptile wandered to an old man’s yard to search for food before a ferocious guard dog found it in Ratchaburi province, Thailand on June 8.

The frantic wild animal scampered out of the property and squeezed under the drain in front of the house to escape.

It was stuck underneath while the angry dog barked above until the old man found it and called the animal rescuers for help.

House owner Saichol Thubtimthong, 62, said: ‘My dog kept barking like it was trying to chase something out of the yard.

‘I walked out to check and found the reptile in the sewers. It was stuck and unable to crawl out so I called the rescuers for help.’

The volunteers used a crowbar to remove the steel drain cover and scooped up the animal using a pole with a noose.

To avoid scaring the animal, they tied a rope around its body so the team could easily carry it with them. They then checked it for injuries and as it was unharmed they went to release it back to the wild.