Angry monitor lizard rampages through house in Thailand


This is the scary moment an angry monitor lizard rampaged through a house in Thailand.

The 50kg reptile slithered into the back of the kitchen while a woman was cooking lunch in Suphan Buri province on June 9.

It aggressively darted around the room knocking down objects it passed by so the frantic house owner called the emergency services.

The rescue team chased the animal around the kitchen as it tried to attack them multiple times while searching for a space to escape.

Shaken house owner Suphan Kong said: ‘I was with my niece inside the house while my daughter cooked in the kitchen. When my daughter took out the eggs, she heard a loud sound coming from the cabinet.

‘She walked up to it to have a look and was shocked that the monitor lizard was inside. It then ran around the kitchen.’

After half an hour, the volunteers were able to secure the animal’s neck using a noose attached to the end of a pole. However, the noose snapped and the angry lizard sparked panic among residents and their neighbours who were watching the operation.

The rescuers chased the wild animal again and caught it eventually after it hid behind a cabinet. The entire rescue operation last for an hour.

The house owner thanked the rescuers who left the property to release the animal back into the wild.